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Our company is dealing in safety and security devices for the last 17 years and with the increasing use of technology, we are providing you software programs which will help you to maintain safety and security. These programs will run on every available mobile operating system and it also available for desktops and laptops for different uses.

We are constantly trying to make more futuristic gadgets and software programs which make this world a bit safer to live in because we can see the fear and anger in people because there are lot of crimes, betrayals, sins going on in our society and with our little effort we want to clean up a share of this dirt in our society.

Spy Mobile Phones With Following Advanced Features

Call Recording

Now record calls which you can‘t hear live because of work or any other involvement.

Call Details

Sent calls, received calls, missed calls it will give you every single detail of the calls.

Video Logging

You can browse every videos of the concerned person‘s mobile with your monitor mobile.

Text Message Logging

Like the call you will also have all the details of text messages.

Web History

With the help of the software now browse through all the websites visited on the other phone.

Picture Logging

Browse through all the images present in the other phone and also images clicked by the other phone.

Location Reporting

The software will tell you the exact location of the other phone through Google maps.

Contact Details

Now, browse through the whole phonebook of the concerned person through our software.

Surround Recording

It will help you to record the conversations that are being made near the other phone.

Spy Call

It will help you to switch on the microphone for you to hear everything clearly without holding the phone to your ears.

SIM Change Notification

If the target phone‘s SIM is being changed then you will receive a notification for your knowledge.

Phone Wipe

In case of theft you will be able to wipe all the information through the software.